17 Nisan 2010 Cumartesi

Gifts and Hope from Tiffani -Yardsticks 4 Lunatics-

first of all i must say sorry, it's a very very late post. i should post it at least two weeks ago but i had been busy with a new job opportunity. and finally now i've got time to post it.

when i saw that i won Tiffani's NYX Giveaway i could't believe:D. but she made me believe that it's me with her sweet e-mail:)

just one week later, i received a package from her with a sweet postcard and some great surprises!! :D

thank you very much Tiffani! :)


You can visit Tiffani's blog on http://yardsticks4lunatics.blogspot.com/ for all things craft-y, photo-y, Konad-y, sport-y, and musical-y*. (*with her words)

and you can enter to her Summertime Blues Giveaway! 'till may 8th :)

oh i do like the message of the bag :D


and now something special:

sometimes i play little games with myself:) it's just like looking for a sign from someone above.

that time i entered to the giveaways and dreamed that if i win one of them i'll turn my chance about getting a job too. aaand after i learned that i win tiffani's giveaway i cought a job opportunity! that's why i had been very busy with the preparation process last three weeks. but unfortunately yesterday it ended with a negative result and now i'm free again:/. but no time to worry! one more job application is on its way:) i'm full of hope:D

yea that's why this giveaway means a lot for me.

thank you very much Tiffani.

thank you very much for the hope you gave to me:)

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